Fun Facts About Biotin Gummies

You may have come across different posts advocating the usefulness of biotin, how it can give you the glossy hair of a fashion model, make your skin glow and give you strong nails. So many hype on this particular vitamin called ‘biotin’. Apart from the obvious unbreakable nails, glowing skin, and beautiful sheen on your hair, biotin has a lot more to offer. What then is biotin?


Simply put, biotin is a vitamin that aids in body building. It can be found in some natural foods like meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, broccoli, banana, sweet potatoes, seeds, etc. It can also be consumed as supplements. Biotin aids in the breakdown of fatty acids, blood sugar and essential amino acids in the body. It simply converts the proteins, carbs and fats found in the food you eat into energy for you. Taking a variety of diet can prevent biotin deficiency. However, some individuals are biotin deficient, and this begs the question: How much biotin does one need? On an average, teenagers and adults ought to take at least 30 to 100 micrograms per day.


Most of the vital nutrients we need ought to be taken from our diet, but due to busy schedule and inability to keep up with a constant diet, we result to consuming supplements-which is also a good idea. Biotin which is also known as vitamin B7, when taken as a supplement, can provide the essential nutrients needed for our body, brain development, and over all well-being. These supplements are vital during pregnancy.

Biotin gummies, yay or nay?

Yes! The human body needs vitamins, vitamin B7 (biotin) being inclusive, to survive. However, the body cannot make it on its own which means you need to get them from diet or from supplements. These supplements can be taken daily or as prescribed by your doctor. 

Belive B7 gummies is one of such biotingummies that provides the necessary nutrients needed in the body. These chewable gummies have a pectin base gotten from fruits which serves as a healthier alternative when compared to other conventional supplements. Belive biotingummies helps in maintaining the hair, skin, nails, and overall health.

Kids who find it difficult to take tablets have no problem with these because the gummies are chewable and also contains flavor, making it easier for kids to take their vitamins. Elderly people who find it hard to swallow pills can also take these chewable gummies. It is vegan friendly. Belive B7 biotin gummies is suitable for both the young and old, contains zero additives and has a rich strawberry flavor. This is the easiest way to consume your daily intake of vitamins. Belive B7 biotin gummies helps maintain a healthy state of your liver, skin, hair, eyes and even nervous system. It is an important aspect of healthy living.

Benefits of biotin gummies

  • Plays a key role in gene regulation
  • Helps in energy metabolism
  • Good for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
  • Takes care of brittle nails
  • Support healthy skin and hair development

Some other beneficial biotin gummies include:

Bronson biotin gummies- Fully certified by the FDA, has blueberry flavor and natural coloring with purple carrot juice as concentrate, suitable for kids and elderly.

Nature made biotin gummies- These biotin gummies are a very good source of biotin and they are gluten free.

Sola garden natural whole food biotin –Contains only biotin and cellulose as the capsule base. It is organic and vegan friendly, has satisfied the guidelines of the food and drug administration (FDA).

Vitafusion extra strength biotin gummies- Contains natural blueberry flavor, great in metabolism of fats and carbs, gluten free and aids in skin, nails and hair development.

A final note:

Taking an overdose of biotin gummies can affect you when you want to undergo some lab test which can be somewhat dangerous. It is therefore advisable to take two daily or as prescribed by your doctor. Also ensure you take one that has been vetted by the FDA or undergone a third party testing for quality and efficacy. Biotin can be gotten from different foods in our diet, and from supplements. However, taking biotin gummies can be extremely helpful for those with biotin deficiency or an autoimmune disease like alopecia.