Healthy Skin & Hair Starts with Biotin

According to the University of Washington, health and wellbeing start with your skin and hair. A dull, dry, and cracked skin points to a deeper problem. A glowing and well-moisturized skin shows that a person is healthy.

Hair loss can be a sign of poor health. It might be an indicator that you are not receiving enough biotin hair growth. This is the most important vitamin as far as the health of your hair is concerned. Your hair requires nutrients to grow thick and voluminous. You should feed your hair with biotin.

You don’t have to undergo medical tests to confirm if you are healthy. You can as well examine your hair and skin.

Why Are So Many People Losing Hair?

Hair loss statistics are shocking. People are losing hair at a rate that has never been seen in the history of mankind. Nowadays, it is easy to find a man in his 20s who has experienced considerable balding.

Hair loss is not only a problem for men. It is also affecting women. When it comes to a woman, hair loss can be a troubling phenomenon. It can interfere with self-esteem and self-worth. It can make someone feel less of a woman. That is because women value their hair. It defines them.

A man can easily live with hair loss. However, for a woman, it can be difficult. Most women are ready to go to great lengths to restore the original look of their hair. They forget that there is an easier solution that involves the diet. There is no need for expensive creams and hair sprays. By changing the diet, a person can be able to transform the state of their hair.

Solution for Hair Loss

Biotin is the ultimate solution for hair loss. Biotin hair growth is highly recommended for men and women who are losing hair. Many hair products have biotin as one of the ingredients. Some of these products have synthetic biotin while others don’t have any biotin but the labeling is just a marketing gimmick.

Apart from using hair products with biotin, you should also eat biotin-rich foods such as bananas, grains, and nuts. This will help your hair and your overall health.

Biotin will help you to have:

• A head full of hair
• Voluminous hair
• Thick and natural hair

Skin Problems Are Increasing

Skin problems are on the rise. Over the last decade, the skin health of the general population has declined even though people have access to expensive cosmetics. These products do very little in helping skin health. In fact, they destroy the skin because they are full of chemicals.

Acne is the number one skin problem in most countries. Most people usually hide their acne using makeup. This is only a temporary solution. The long-term use of makeup further aggravates the problem.

Solution for Skin Problems

Rather than have a cosmetic solution for skin problems, there is the need to have a skin-deep solution. It is advisable to solve the root cause of the issue. By doing so, all skin issues will be sorted for once and for all. Doing so requires addressing diet matters.

A poor diet is the leading cause of skin imperfections. Most modern-day diets lack vitamins such as biotin which are important for skin health. The World Health Organization (WHO) and several health authorities recommend biotin for skin. Health authorities also advocate elderberry vitamins benefits.

• If there is one vitamin that your skin needs then it is biotin. You need to feed your skin from the inside out using biotin-rich foods such as meat, egg yolk, and nuts.
• Biotin helps in fighting free radicals which cause skin imperfections.
• Biotin can help in reversing aging. If you want to look younger and more vibrant, you need biotin in your diet.

How Long Does It Take to Transform Your Skin & Hair with Biotin

Don’t expect overnight results with biotin for skin. You will not wake up from your sleep and notice a total transformation of your hair and skin. Of course, it will take some time. Good things happen to those who wait. You will need to consistently eat vitamin-rich foods for more than a month. You will need to work on changing your diet and lifestyle. Doing so will not only help your skin but will also help your overall health.

The Bottom-Line

Your diet impacts all areas of your health including your skin. If you want vibrant and healthy skin, you need to work on your diet. Biotin is an important nutrient to have in your diet. It can be obtained from food sources and also supplements. The use of supplements is not encouraged unless you have a biotin deficiency. There are many fake supplements in the market. These will do more harm than good to your health. Before you buy supplements, you should read online reviews to determine the most trusted seller.