Biotin is Sometimes Used as a Supplement for Both Prevention and Alleviating Existing Conditions!

While Biotin deficiencies are rare, supplements do exist and can be purchased without prescriptions.

Not many individuals know of Biotin or what it is used for in the body. In a nutshell, it assists in turning food into energy. Biotin is not well known as most individuals produce enough naturally, and therefore few deficiencies exist. The deficiencies that do occur are usually because of a genetic predisposition to lack of biotin production, the overuse of alcohol, or a diet where raw egg whites are consumed on a regular basis. Raw egg whites prevent the Biotin from being produced and block its effectiveness at turning food into energy. Symptoms of any Biotin deficiency are a rash, tingling in arms and legs, and thinning hair and hair loss. According to the manufacturers of Biotin, it is the building block not only of food energy, but also of healthy hair, skin, and fingernails. Some manufacturers also claim Biotin supplements can increase weight loss. No claims are proven though and only a doctor can assess whether a Biotin deficiency exists.  Safety and effectiveness in pregnant women and children have not been studied widely and no information on this really exists. 

What choices of Biotin supplements exist if indeed a Biotin deficiency is detected or suspected?

The usual dosage of Biotin is 10000 MCG (Micrograms). All supplements sold over the counter follow dosage requirements and suggestions. Biotin gummies do seem to top the list in popularity of types of Biotin, as they are easy to chew and come in flavors that consumers enjoy.  They are much easier to ingest as 10000 micrograms can lead to a large pill that is extremely hard to swallow. Although pill form is also still popular consumers should check whether the size of the pill is something they can deal with and this can be listed on the back of each bottle. Biotin also comes in liquid form.  The standard dose being 10000 MCG, there also are ranges from 2500 MCG and up. If taking a pill, smaller pills can be purchased or the gummies or liquid.  It is up to the consumer in the end, but an excess of 10000 MCG should be avoided as there are side effects to Biotin.  Although part of the Vitamin B family, too much can be taken and side effects can occur such as digestive problems and can also cause false-positive results for thyroid test results, as well as interfere with the absorption of some medications. Too much of a good thing in Biotin supplementation and any other supplementation can occur. 

Doctors usually recommend that Biotin deficiencies be addressed two ways.

Of course, with the supplementation, but also with a combination of supplementation and diet. Biotin is found in many foods that are eaten regularly such as eggs, nuts, salmon, avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, and scores of other foods. A nutritional guide might be given with the advice on supplementation of Biotin by a physician. Physicians will try to keep the doses as low as possible and as easy to take as possible and Biotin gummies supplements are generally suggested. Having a large pill to swallow will reduce the times consumers are willing to take any supplement.  One of the reasons the gummies are so popular is the fact that they are chewable and flavorful.  Purchases of the gummies are available online, in most grocery stores, Big Box stores, and of course, health and wellness stores and pharmacies.  Pricing can vary significantly, as there is a pure and natural form, as well as a synthetic form.  The synthetic form, while cheaper, should be researched, as each brand can contain other additives and emulsions, and these can also create unwanted side effects.  Sometimes cheapest is not always best and the effectiveness of the purer natural form might be a major consideration. 

Even though Biotin gummies can have benefits and side effects consumers seem to love them. 

Especially when suffering from bad skin, or brittle nails and hair loss, consumers take these supplements in an effort to thwart this.  Although the science does not specifically state that Biotin gummies or other forms of Biotin will assist in better skin, nails, and hair, consumers do have their own thoughts regarding this.  Some consumers do seem to have had good results even with smaller dosages, and the sale of the supplements attests to the fact that many consumers are finding a benefit in these supplements.  Even though the NIH (National Institute of Health) has guidelines on the intake of Biotin, and do state that most individuals do not have a deficiency in this vitamin, it continues to be popular despite actual evidence that it helps with skin, hair, and nails if a deficiency is actually not present. There can be many other causes of brittle nails, dry skin, and hair loss, but since harm from the taking of the supplements is rare unless taken in huge amounts, individuals would rather try something that might improve their conditions.  Hair loss is a significant psychological barrier to social interaction and embarrassing for both men and women so any supplement that might help is readily tried.  There are also multi-vitamin supplements that contain Biotin, and some individuals gravitate towards these. 

Mark M. of West Virginia suffered hair loss starting at the age of twenty-nine. While he knew it was genetic, he does take Biotin regularly in a small 2500 MCG dose and does feel he experienced some hair regrowth. Mark states, “I know I have heard it cannot help and I understand that my condition is genetic as all the males in my family were completely bald by the age of forty. Most seem fine with this, but I was not. Although my hair is not completely regrown, I do see more fullness and less hair loss, so I am a fan of this supplement! “

Biotin in both food and supplements is water soluble, so enormous amounts are not needed.

Because of the water solubility whether absorbed by the body through foods or supplements, Biotin remains a consumer favorite, with the gummies being the number one choice for ease of consumption. Other types of supplements have more side effects overall and despite the FDA (Food and Drug Administration not touting the benefits, the drawbacks to taking these supplements are not significant enough to prevent others from trying them even without a physician’s advice.  So much is tied up in a person’s appearance in today’s world that any type of flaw that can be fixed via supplements is embraced with open arms.  And not everyone agrees with the FDA or the studies that suggest Biotin cannot help with certain conditions. 

Dry skin can be caused by a number of issues such as allergies and other medical issues, but when no underlying condition is determined, a consumer, such as a person below may turn to Biotin just to see if any alleviation occurs as dry skin can itch, crack and split, which makes it a maddening type of chronic condition to live with.

Carol S. of Staten Island, New York said the following: “I have had dry skin my entire life, but as I got older the condition worsened to the point where I felt like my skin was on fire and the itching was so intense I could not sleep at night. I did see several dermatologists who suggested I drink more fluids and avoid hard chemicals which did not help at all. I tried Biotin as a last resort, and use the gummies for convenience, and while it was not a cure, I did see an improvement in two weeks. The itching is not completely gone but it is nowhere near as bad as it was before I started taking the Biotin gummies supplements.”

There seems to be some truth to the efficacy of Biotin gummies supplements and other forms.

Despite what the studies suggest, the studies were so limited in scope and size that individuals must decide whether to proceed with this type of supplementation on their own if they are suffering from brittle nails, dry skin, or hair loss.  With no real significant adverse side effects, they do seem to be worth a try.  Millions use the supplements each day and if real dangerous consequences would be occurring these probably would not be as popular as they are.  For some that live with the burden of dry, flakey skin, brittle nails, or hair loss that cannot be addressed in any other way, they are a real treasure.  Due diligence is needed, however, and the smallest doses tried before moving on to larger doses.  Monitoring of any changes in any bodily functions should be done, and any odd physical or behavioral changes should be noted, and the supplements stopped immediately.  With the water solubility of the gummies and other types of Biotin, the remaining particles can be flushed out of the system quite quickly simply by drinking more water routinely.  For many people, these supplements fall under the adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  But a watchful eye and caution are still needed.  Also seeking a doctor’s opinion is still always a good first step.